Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Rosie Visits the Library

Rosie, a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog, was the attention of library patrons, staff, and volunteers yesterday for the three and four year old summer program. Sheila Sanders, the owner had Rosie to perform a few tricks.  Everyone really enjoyed the high five's she could give!  Children as well as adults enjoyed story time with Ms. Gwen.

This bred is believed to have originated from Nordic Wolfhound being introduced some three to five hundred years before the Spanish arrived, however, no one will really know for sure. The state of Louisiana is cited as the point of origin, particularly the area of Catahoula. In 1979, the breed was designated the state dog of Louisiana. The Catahoula was named after a Parish in northeastern Louisiana and after the mottled spots on its coat. At one time this breed was used to round up feral pigs and cattle—livestock that had escaped, and was living in woods and swamps. It involved team effort that is highly coordinated and organized, fast paced, dangerous and a marvel to watch.   Source:

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